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At Start Company Formations, we have available stock of UK and EU Readymade/Off shelf companies for purchase. 

We currently have in stock, 8 very rare UK readymade companies, starting from 1932 all the way to 1976. 

On this page, we explore what Start Company Formations offers and how we can assist clients looking for an easier and quicker way to start or expand their business in the UK or Europe.

The benefit of purchasing a readymade/off-the-shelf company means the company is already established and registered with the authorities. 

With this in place, you can start to trade as soon as the company is transferred over to you, saving time on establishing a company from scratch. Find out about the advantages of buying a shelf company


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Why do clients want to purchase a readymade company? Sometimes, clients have won a contract with a supplier and need a company ASAP to complete the process, thus needing this within a specific and quick timeframe.

Sometimes certain clients prefer an older company as it looks more prestigious. Purchasing a readymade company is simple; once the formalities and transfer are complete, Start Company Formations provides a full package with all relevant documents and ownership details.

Please enquire to see what available stock we have by calling or completing the contact form, and one of the team will be in touch.


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